“Participating in the Digital Leadership Institute for Superintendents provided me the opportunity to learn from national and regional technology experts. Authentic learning opportunities are often rare, but the program provided us with time, talent and experience to continue our focus on digital literacy.”

Dr. Lory D. Morrow, Superintendent



FOR All SCHOOL ADMinistrators

Science Materials & Professional Development Center

Supporting public schools with science materials and professional development for the effective teaching of inquiry-based science.

Partnering with the North Carolina Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Center, this program works to support and promote the integration of the science curriculum in our public schools. The Science Materials & Professional Development Center is designed to provide kit-based science materials, professional development for teachers and school leaders, and the development of a curriculum materials hub, reaching thousands of students in North Carolina to date. 

Aspiring Superintendents Program 
Preparing current school leaders to become effective superintendents who will lead North Carolina school districts in the future.
The North Carolina Alliance for School Leadership Development and the North Carolina School Superintendents' Association will deliver a program designed to foster continuous improvement in the public schools of North Carolina by providing training and leadership development experiences and activities through a six-day personal leadership effectiveness development program and executive coaching for professionals who aspire to become school district superintendents. The aim of the program is to enhance the leadership effectiveness of participant through self-awareness, self-efficacy and empowerment. The primary objective of the program is to provide participating educators who aspire to become superintendents with information, knowledge, skills, and understanding through experiential learning in a leadership development program that includes executive coaching designed to support and assist them as they lead and manage school systems in North Carolina as district superintendents. Over time the overall design is intended to result in enhanced student achievement.


Digital Leadership Institute for NC Superintendents

Leading with courage requires taking the first step!  
NCASLD has partnered with the North Carolina School Superintendents’ Association and national and state leaders for digital innovation to provide an opportunity for superintendents to pursue district transformation work in terms of digital imperatives. National and state leaders share data, research and strategies for moving districts forward while communicating best practices and national models. The program provides an actionable framework that matches today’s education and technological priorities. Our goal is to foster valuable knowledge and insight to help our public school leaders make informed strategic decisions that support the district vision and improve student outcomes. The Digital Leadership Institute for N.C. Superintendents focuses on strengthening district leadership and communication, provides innovative tools for digital leaders, transforms pedagogy with compelling learning environments, supports professional development and creates professional learning networks, and generates balanced assessments. The Digital Leadership Institute extends guidance beyond the individual superintendent, offering key action steps for building a skilled digital leadership team as well as references and resources for continuous professional development.

Next Generation Superintendent Development Program
Building Transformational Education Leaders
Building on the success of three previous cohorts, and with a focus on building statewide capacity for transforming education systems, Cohort IV of the Next Generation Superintendent Development Program will provide ongoing support for superintendents across the state. The program will support the professional growth and transformative capacity of superintendents using the North Carolina Standards for Superintendents through a formative process that advances the stated purposes of the North Carolina Evaluation Process. The program is designed to guide superintendents as they reflect on and improve their effectiveness as district leaders; focus the personal leadership goals of the superintendents and link personal goals with district and state goals; and guide and facilitate the professional development of superintendents toward advanced levels of executive leadership as defined by the North Carolina Standards for Superintendents. The North Carolina Alliance for School Leadership Development and the North Carolina School Superintendents’ Association will work with aligned partners to provide a year-long continuum of support. As a result of participation in this cohort, participating superintendents will:

  • Understand how to apply the content of the North Carolina Superintendent Standards and the Superintendent Support Continuum to transform learning within the school district.
  • Acquire and develop the Next Generation Executive Leadership capacity to transform the school district and the schools within the district through a process of Innovation and Adaptation.
  • Establish a superintendent network of support, collaboration and influence.

For PrincIpals & Assistant Principals

Distinguished Leadership in Practice (DLP)

Where you find a great school, you will find a distinguished leader  igniting a passion for meeting the needs of all children.

Using a non-traditional professional development model, this program, developed and delivered by the N.C. Principals and Assistant Principals’ Association and now funded by NCASLD, allows participants to critically examine the meaning and application of “Distinguished” school leadership through a problem-based, real-world approach. In DLP, practicing North Carolina principals are provided as models of exemplary school leadership allowing participants to study the behaviors, attitudes and competencies that define a “Distinguished” school leader. Throughout the year-long experience, participants are led and coached through a proven continuous improvement approach. Participants engage in a series of authentic activities designed to build the capacity of their schools and their own capacity as “Distinguished” school leaders. The year-long program will be delivered in a blended format in two locations. 

Future-Ready Leadership (FRL-Brunswick County)
Igniting the continuous pursuit of highly effective leadership and life-long professional learning.  
Future-Ready Leadership is a leadership development program for practicing assistant principals. The program, developed and provided by the N.C. Principals and Assistant Principals’ Association and funded by NCASLD, is aligned to the performance evaluation standards adopted by the State Board of Education for North Carolina’s school leaders. Through this year-long cohort-driven model, assistant principals will participate in six face-to-face sessions offered in two locations and engage in assignments, projects, and readings designed to build the capacity of their schools and their own capacity as “Future-Ready” school leaders. 

AP Accelerator Program

Through funding from the Belk Foundation, NCDPI, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, and NC Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Center, NCPAPA has established the AP Accelerator Program, a statewide leadership initiative for rigorously selected Assistant Principals with a high potential for being fast-tracked into the principalship.  Assistant Principals, who typically spend 3-5 years in the role, will enter the AP Accelerator Program and receive targeted leadership development and coaching from proven practitioners in the field.  Using a concentrated curriculum of leadership development experiences and coaching, the program will accelerate the readiness of selected assistant principals to lead and turnaround high-needs schools.  Participants in the program are nominated by their district superintendent. 

Early Career Principal Academy

The Early Career Principals Academy (ECPA) is a 3-year leadership development program for early-career principals. The ECPA is designed to meet the needs of school leaders in a blended format of in-person meetings each year followed by virtual meetings, all facilitated by trained, exemplary school leaders. The in-person sessions, designed to motivate and inspire participants to focus on the conditions they must control to achieve optimum school environments that meet the needs of every student, will be led by a combination of NC-proven leaders and national leadership experts.  Follow-up virtual sessions will provide a curriculum designed to build the leadership skills and competencies necessary to effectively control the conditions required for student success. In the third year of the program, participants will complete NCPAPA's Distinguished Leadership in Practice (DLP) program.

Distinguished Leadership in a Remote Learning Environment

This professional development model, entitled Distinguished Leadership in a Remote Learning Environment (DLR), is a school-leader professional development program that will take place over approximately 15 weeks. The professional development program will be facilitated both synchronously and asynchronously for cohorts of school leaders.
School leaders will participate in:

  • Virtual facilitated Zoom sessions
  • Online application-based job-embedded activities
  • Virtual interactions with peers and facilitators
  • Structured sharing sessions

In cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, NCPAPA will be developing a series of six on demand webinars as a part of our Distinguished Leaders in a Remote Learning Environment program. These webinars, available at no cost to school leaders, are developed in partnership with EdNC. To access these webinars, click here.

North Carolina Leaders in Personalized and Digital Learning 
Creating personalized, flexible digital learning environments that meet the needs of all students.
The N.C. Principals & Assistant Principals’ Association (NCPAPA), the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (Friday Institute) and the Department of Public Instruction have partnered with NCASLD to develop and provide the NC Leaders in Personalized and Digital Learning Program (NCLPDL). The program coaches and guides principals through the creation of personalized and digital learning environments in their schools using a year-long blended program of face-to-face sessions followed by a series of on-line activities. Principals are engaged in real-world, value-added activities that are part of a proven cycle of capacity building for their students, teachers, and communities – activities that are essential to the school’s transformation.

Principal Preparation Program Grants Oversight | State Education Assistance Authority Contract
Elevating education in North Carolina public schools by transforming the preparation of principals across the state.
NCASLD has been contracted to develop and implement a comprehensive system to identify, support, convene, and evaluate school leadership development provider organizations in North Carolina to enhance their delivery of principal preparation programs. NCASLD has subcontracted with the N.C. Association of School Administrators (NCASA) and one of its core affiliates – the N.C. Principals and Assistant Principals’ Association (NCPAPA) – as well the grant experts of GrantProse to identify and recommend high-quality principal preparation programs to receive state-funded grants through the State Education Assistance Authority. NCASLD will provide technical assistance to selected grantee providers to build capacity and identify and integrate evidence-based approaches to school leadership development.  In addition, NCASLD will identify strategies for use by the State Board of Education in consideration of licensure requirements for school administrators and the standards for approval of school administrator preparation programs.